When you see our Avon Trucklines trailers with the company slogan on them in your freight yard, it is more than a slogan to us. It is our daily purpose. Our performance promise to you that we want to earn your business.


It means that we are on-mission and on-focus every day. We wake up running hard just like the gazelle in Africa, staying ahead in a competitive environment of being some natural predator’s lunch.


Avon’s commitment to you as our customer is to give our “best effort” every time.


That’s the message backing our slogan. We give our best effort on every load, by every driver, and on every freight load delivery. This daily focus is how we got to over 50 tractors and over 60 trailers on the road today with plans to continue expanding and growing. Avon Trucklines has offices and warehouses Across north America to serve our customers day to day needs.

Our focus is to deliver your truckload freight in the most reliable and secure manner possible, and do so, at the most competitive price possible.

Freight Shipping by Truckload Direct Anywhere in Canada & US